What We Do

Compass Group, with the support of the Compass Care team, will:

  • Treat our people with care and respect ensuring their rights are preserved;
  • Ensure an early intervention approach is undertaken to minimise the effects of injury or illness;
  • Consult with our people, and where applicable their representatives, to ensure injury management works effectively and efficiently;
  • Ensure participation in a rehabilitation programme will not, of itself, prejudice an injured or ill person;
  • Support work attendance and occupational rehabilitation, therefore ensuring that an early return to work is the normal practice and expectation; and
  • Support the redeployment of injured or ill people to modified or alternative employment, where and when appropriate.

An Overview of Our Injury Management Approach

Program Sub Zero

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At Compass Group, Health and Safety is our number one priority. Therefore it is important, that if the need arises, we all have a clear understanding of how to manage workplace injuries or illnesses. Program ‘Sub Zero’ is the Compass Care pre-injury process.

Program Zero to 24

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If an injury or illness occurs in the workplace, a timely response can be critical in preserving the health and well-being of our employees. Program ‘Zero to 24’ is a summary of our processes for the first 24 hours following injury or illness.

Program 24 Plus

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Following the initial response to an injury and illness, a number of actions are required to ensure a safe and timely recovery. Program '24 Plus' is a summary of our processes after the first 24 hours following injury or illness. In order to assist operational management and other support functions, a summary of the ongoing actions required are noted here.

"For most individuals, working improves general health and wellbeing and reduces psychological distress." - AFOEM Position Statement

"It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man." - Benjamin Franklin

"The message is clear: work is generally good for people, and work absence is not." - Debra Dunstan

"Physical activity...should make up a large part of any rehabilitation program...and work should be viewed as part of this therapeutic rehabilitative process." - AFOEM Position Statement

"...long term worklessness is one of the greatest risks to health in our society." - Professor Gordon Waddell