Understanding your Rights and Responsibilities

As employees of Compass Group, we believe it is vitally important that you actively participate in your recovery. Therefore, it is equally important that you understand your rights and responsibilities (of which some are listed below).

You have a right to:

  • Work in a safe workplace;
  • Make a claim for compensation;
  • Be treated by a doctor of your choice;
  • Appeal decisions made in relation to your injury or illness;
  • Have your information held in a private and confidential manner; and
  • Not be dismissed because you reported an injury or illness.

You have responsibilities to:

  • Report all incidents to your Manager immediately;
  • Provide information which is true and not misleading;
  • Where reasonably requested, attend a doctor’s appointment;
  • Maintain a current medical certificate;
  • Keep receipts for expenses;
  • Promptly forward all documentation (claim forms, medical certificates, expense forms, etc.) to claims@compass-group.com.au;
  • Willingly participate in reasonable treatment, rehabilitation, and return to work activities;
  • Comply with obligations and requirements set out in plans to facilitate your recovery; and
  • Maintain contact with your Manager and the Compass Care team, informing them of your progress.